BELOVED Glycerite (Heartache Relief)
antidote by amina desselle

BELOVED Glycerite (Heartache Relief)

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“You are your best thing.” —Toni Morrison, Beloved

Nurture your heart. Hold compassionate boundaries. Participate in a movement of radical love and possibility.

(1)     1 oz.  BELOVED Glycerite

The BELOVED Glycerite soothes heartache, eases emotional strain, and offers energetic sweetness. Social transformation toward equity is founded in love. Love motivates the change that honors humanity. Let's remember to nurture our hearts as we manifest a politic of radical love to transform the status quo. 

Ingredients: Organic vegetable glycerin and distilled water, infused with organic Schisandra Berries, Hawthorn, Hibiscus, Linden, Rose, Cinnamon, and Lemon Balm.


Packaged in soft plastic for portability.

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