NEW MOON. Chrysoprase Crystal
antidote by amina desselle

NEW MOON. Chrysoprase Crystal

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(1)     Chrysoprase Crystal (charged for healing and meditation)


Chrysoprase is a stone for healing the heart. It opens you to divine truth, encouraging forgiveness and the transformations it brings. It supports you in maintaining a balance between self-preservation and releasing resentment. Chrysoprase invites you to expand the ways in which you can love, even as you define your personal boundaries. It can bring optimism and joy, a deep-seated happiness in life. Your crystal will be intuitively selected for you. Each crystal is pocket-sized (1-3”). Cleared with salt and charged by moonlight.

Keep your crystal in a place where you can see it regularly. Hold it in meditation or carry it with you through the day. 


A portion of each crystal sale will be donated to labor organizations that advocate for the rights of miners in the country from which the crystal is sourced.

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