Red Jasper Crystal
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Red Jasper Crystal

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(1)   Red Jasper Crystal

Red Jasper was popular among the first people of Earth in Mesopotamia, and was engaged for fer0lity in KMT (Ancient Egypt). Red Jasper crystals form from volcanic ash, the inorganic residue of organic material that has gone through the fire. Silica from groundwater acts as a glue that holds the ash together, creating jasper. In this way, Red Jasper is the crystallization of both the end and the beginning of organic life, a physical manifestation of the process of burning and re-becoming. This crystal reminds us that organic matter goes through cycles in its existence, as do we. Red Jasper connects us to the Earth, and to the generation cycles of life that sustain us.

Your crystal will be intuitively selected for you. Each crystal is pocket-sized (2"-3"). Cleared with salt and charged by moonlight.

Keep your crystal in a place where you can see it regularly. Hold it in meditation or carry it with you through the day. 


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