Plant & Crystal Communions

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Plant & Crystal Communions are an 8-part virtual series for Black people interested in deepening our relationships to the natural world through intentional spiritual community with each other, and with plant and crystal companions.

We will learn through the energy centers of our bodies, guided by energetic pairings of medicinal herbs and natural crystals. Each virtual gathering features a guided plant meditation, crystal meditation, as well as information about how each plant grows and each crystal forms. Together, we will make connections between the lessons of the natural world and our own spiritual biographies. 

You’ll receive an herbal glycerite (herbal extract), a loose leaf tea, and a healing crystal by mail in advance of each session. By the end of our journey, you’ll have a collection that aligns with the chakras of the body.

This offering is for those of us interested in learning more about herbalism and crystal healing in ways that align with our experiences. All levels of experience are welcome. The series is shaped by my own Black American spiritual traditions, and centers the lived experiences, histories, and knowledge of the African Diaspora.

This is an invitation to [re]memory, to meet the supernatural world with our natural plant and crystal companions. Our world transforms our consciousness, our consciousness transforms the world.

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About Me:

Amina Desselle is a Medical Sociologist and Spiritual Herbalist who studies how Black spiritual traditions create spaces for healing and transformation. She is the founder of [antidote], a line of botanical wellness offerings and healing crystals that prioritizes ethical and sustainable formulations to support physical health and emotional balance. Amina is based in New Orleans, LA.


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