The Abolition Apothecary is a curated herbal toolkit. It is intended to support our physical, emotional, and spiritual balance as we continue the long-term work of social transformation by dismantling institutionalized violence and disenfranchisement, particularly through the abolition of the prison industrial complex and the systems that sustain it. 

These offerings support you in navigating chronic stress and preparing for collective action. They are formulated to support your physically and emotionally in your clarity of purpose. Included are offerings to ease anxiety, soothe grief, foster courage, and keep your energy clear. Experiencing and witnessing violence can have significant physical and psychological after-effects, which require medical and spiritual aftercare and recovery. The Abolition Apothecary is for you if you are engaging new strategies of resistance in your home, family, social circles, places of work, and/or in the streets. These offerings are intended to help you detox your body, ground your Spirit, calm your mind, and nurture your heart. 


[antidote] products are made using organic, natural ingredients. Ingredients are subject to change or substitution depending on seasonal, sustainable, and ethical availability.