ABOLITION Ritual Mist (Protection, Clarity of Intention)
ABOLITION Ritual Mist (Protection, Clarity of Intention)
antidote by amina desselle

ABOLITION Ritual Mist (Protection, Clarity of Intention)

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Banish negative energy. Invoke protection. Maintain boundaries. Cultivate clarity. Hold the line.

(1)    Abolition Ritual Mist

The Abolition Ritual Mist is an infusion of herbs to support clarity of intention, with attention to emotional and spiritual boundaries. Use it to provide grounding and focus, especially when you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. 

[antidote] Ritual Mists bring the energetic benefits of plant companions into a space. They provide a smokeless alternative to blessing a space by burning herbs and flowers. Use them with intention or in ritual practice to clear and shift energy. Spritz into the air, onto your body, or onto your sheets. For external use only.

Ingredients: Organic Witch Hazel extract infused with organic Rosemary, Mullein, Rose, and Spearmint.

[antidote] products are formulated with organic, natural ingredients. Ingredients are subject to change or substitution depending on seasonal, sustainable, and ethical availability.

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