CREATE. Blue Apatite Crystal
antidote by amina desselle

CREATE. Blue Apatite Crystal

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Express yourself. Embrace the many arts of communication. Clear your mind. Connect your spiritual, emotional, and physical experiences. Imagine. Manifest.

(1)     Blue Apatite Crystal (charged for meditation and healing)


Blue apatite helps you leverage your personal strengths to achieve your goals. Awakens creative problem solving and personal ambition. Expands perception of dreams, ideas, and visions. Your crystal will be intuitively selected for you.  Each crystal is pocket-sized (1-3"). Cleared with salt and charged by moonlight.

Keep your crystal in a place where you can see it regularly. Hold it in meditation or carry it with you through the day.


A portion of each crystal sale will be donated to labor organizations that advocate for the rights of miners in the country from which the crystal is sourced. 

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