CREATE Healing Set
CREATE Healing Set
CREATE Healing Set
CREATE Healing Set
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CREATE Healing Set

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Express yourself. Embrace the many arts of communication. Clear your mind. Connect your spiritual, emotional, and physical experiences. Imagine. Manifest.

(1)        2 oz   Herb Infused Body Oil 

(1)        10 g   Organic Herb Blend (for tea, bath, and smoke)

(1)        Blue Apatite Crystal (charged for meditation and healing)


Blue Apatite Crystal

Blue apatite helps you leverage your personal strengths to achieve your goals. Awakens creative problem solving and personal ambition. Expands perception of dreams, ideas, and visions. Each crystal is pocket-sized (1-3"). Cleared with salt and charged by moonlight.

Keep your crystal in a place where you can see it regularly. Hold it in meditation or carry it with you through the day. 


CREATE. Body Oil

CREATE Body Oil is infused with organic herbs and flowers to inspire creativity and encourage optimism. Made with plant companions that encourage both mental focus and expanded intuition, this moisturizing oil supports you in bringing your passion projects and dreamy goals into reality.

Directions: Use as a moisturizer for body, face, and hair. Apply a few drops to your skin after a bath or shower for the natural benefits of the plant ingredients. Add a small amount of body oil to your bath or foot soak for soft skin, or use as a massage oil. For external use only. Not intended for use during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding.

[antidote] Body Oils carry the light fragrance of the infused herbs and flowers, but are otherwise unscented. The natural fragrance may deepen over time. Optional aromatherapy with natural essential oils available. 

Optional fragrance: Essential oils of Blue Tansy and Ylang Ylang.  

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil infused with organic Mugwort, Maypop, Orange Peel, Damiana, and Peppermint, Vitamin E Oil.

CREATE Organic Herb Blend (Tea, Soak, Smoke)

The CREATE Organic Herb Blend is formulated to inspire your imagination and and encourage your focus on your passions.

Ingredients: Organic Maypop, Mullein, Damiana, Blue Cornflower, and Rose.

For tea: Bring water to a boil and remove from heat. Use a tea infuser to steep herb blend in hot water. Remove/strain herbs after 5-10 minutes and and enjoy. 

For bath soak: Make tea from herb blend (see above instructions). Add tea to bath or foot soak. 

For smoke: Place a small amount of herb blend in a pipe or rolling papers. Light and inhale.



[antidote] products are made using natural, organic ingredients. Ingredients and packaging are subject to change or substitution depending on seasonal, sustainable, and ethical availability.

NOTE: [antidote] products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All information provided is for educational purposes only. [antidote] products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. [antidote] products are not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician.  Not intended for use during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding.