ELEMENT Healing Crystals (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Healing Crystals (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Healing Crystals (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Healing Crystals (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Healing Crystals (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Healing Crystals (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Healing Crystals (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Healing Crystals (Complete Set)
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ELEMENT Healing Crystals (Complete Set)

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Complete set of 7 crystals charged for healing and meditation. Each crystal is pocket-sized (1-3”). Crystals are cleared with salt and charged by moonlight. 

Keep your crystals in a place where you can see them regularly. Hold them in meditation or carry them with you through the day. 

portion of each crystal sale will be donated to labor organizations that advocate for the rights of miners in the country from which the crystal is sourced.


(1)     Clear Quartz Crystal

(1)     Rose Quartz Crystal

(1)     Fuchsite Crystal

(1)     Blue Apatite Crystal

(1)     Carnelian Crystal

(1)     Citrine Crystal

(1)     Amethyst Crystal



Take care of your heart. Release the past. Accept changing relationships. Be sweet to yourself. Be open to others.

Rose quartz encourages nurturing compassion and tenderness, for yourself and for others. 



Express yourself. Embrace the many arts of communication. Clear your mind. Connect your spiritual, emotional, and physical experiences. Imagine. Manifest. 

Blue apatite helps you leverage your personal strengths to achieve your goals. Awakens creative problem solving and personal ambition. Expands perception of dreams, ideas, and visions.



Trust your intuition. Remember your dreams. Let go of unhealthy attachments. Open your third eye. Imagine new possibilities.

Clear quartz is a healing stone. It filters distraction and supports meditation. Expand your consciousness, amplify your memory, and communicate freely with the natural world. Be open to the messages of the dream state.



Transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive perspectives. Embrace the possibilities of the moment. Prioritize your happiness. Manifest abundance.

Citrine improves mental clarity, imagination, and self-confidence. Supports direct communication and reduces sensitivity to criticism. Comforts and energizes.



Love yourself. Break harmful patterns. Release anxiety. Sleep well. Be patient. Protect your peace.

Amethyst is a stone of protection. It helps reign in negative thoughts and expand your higher mind. Calms anger and reduces overindulgence. Restores perspective to encourage taking space to rest.



Clear your mind. Remember your purpose. Renew your energy. Be courageous. Become yourself.

Carnelian encourages boldness, leadership, and passion. It protects against jealousy and resentment. It anchors you in the present, encourages decisiveness, and fosters self-confidence. It supports healthy endurance on the path to lasting joy.



Recover yourself. Calm your nerves, relax your muscles. Reduce inflammation and ease tension. Release unhealthy burdens from the past. Inhabit your body. Get comfortable. 

Fuchsite is a stone for healing work. It encourages you to take responsibility for your own health and your own growth. It helps you access your intuition and receive divine guidance. It clears distractions from your spiritual path. 




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