ELEMENT Organic Herb Blends (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Organic Herb Blends (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Organic Herb Blends (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Organic Herb Blends (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Organic Herb Blends (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Organic Herb Blends (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Organic Herb Blends (Complete Set)
ELEMENT Organic Herb Blends (Complete Set)
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ELEMENT Organic Herb Blends (Complete Set)

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Complete set of 7 organic dried herb blends for tea, baths, and smoke. Herb blends are formulated to use individually and together.

(7)    10 g   Organic Herb Blends


For tea: Bring water to a boil and remove from heat. Use a tea infuser to steep herb blend in hot water. Remove herbs from water after 5 minutes.

For bath soak: Make tea from herbal blend (see above instructions). Add tea to bath or foot soak.

For smoke: Place a small amount of herb blend in a pipe or rolling papers.  



Take care of your heart. Release the past. Accept changing relationships. Be sweet to yourself. Be open to others.

Organic dried herb blend for teas, baths, and smoke.  Maypop to soothe your nerves and open your heart. Raspberry leaf to balance your emotions and restore peace. Mullein to clear your lungs. Hawthorn leaves and flowers for physical and emotional heart healing. Peppermint to calm your stomach and support steady passion. Delicate rose petals to lift your mood and encourage self-nurturing. 



Express yourself. Embrace the many arts of communication. Clear your mind. Connect your spiritual, emotional, and physical experiences. Imagine. Manifest.

Organic dried herb blend for teas, baths, and smoke. Maypop to inspire your imagination and enhance your dreams. Damiana to increase your focus and motivation. Mullein to soothe your skin and clear your lungs. Calming blue cornflower to clear chest congestion and ease anxiety.  Roses to relieve insomnia, settle your stomach, and lift your spirits.



Trust your intuition. Remember your dreams. Let go of unhealthy attachments. Open your third eye. Imagine new possibilities.

Organic dried herb blend for teas, baths, and smoke. Raspberry leaf for emotional balance, and lavender to relax your body and mind. Mugwort to enhance your dreams and raise your spiritual sensitivity. Maypop to inspire optimism and ease anxiety. Chamomile to soothe your stomach and calm your nerves, and Marshmallow leaf for easy breath. Not intended for use during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding.



Transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive perspectives. Embrace the possibilities of the moment. Prioritize your happiness. Manifest abundance.


Organic dried herb blend for teas, baths, and smoke.  Damiana to improve focus and positive perspective. Mullein to soothe lungs for easy breath. Raspberry leaf to settle your stomach. Spearmint to aid digestion and ease muscle soreness, and rose and calendula petals to lift your mood. 



Love yourself. Break harmful patterns. Release anxiety. Sleep well. Be patient. Protect your peace.

Organic dried herb blend for teas, baths, and smoke.  Kava kava to ease muscle tension and skullcap to relieve anxiety. Lavender for calm. Raspberry leaf to balance mops, and chamomile to soothe your stomach and your nerves. Mullein to clear your lungs for easy breath. Rose petals to promote restful sleep and add an element of sweet optimism.



Clear your mind. Remember your purpose. Renew your energy. Be courageous. Become yourself.

Organic dried herb blend for teas, baths, and smoke. Damiana for motivation and clarity of mind. Spearmint to soothe your stomach and improve your mood. Mullein and marshmallow leaf to clear your lungs, and rose petals to provide comfort and positivity.



Recover yourself. Calm your nerves, relax your muscles. Reduce inflammation and ease tension. Release unhealthy burdens from the past. Inhabit your body. Get comfortable.

Organic dried herb blend for teas, baths, and smoke. Kava kava to relax your muscles, and chamomile to settle your stomach and calm your nerves. Mullein to clear your respiratory system, lobelia for lung health. Marshmallow leaf and yarrow to relieve inflammation and support your breath. Spearmint to aid digestion and relieve tension. Lemon balm to ease anxiety and support restful sleep.   

This blend is especially recommended for those on the journey of quitting tobacco use.  


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