MASK OFF Clay Face Mask
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MASK OFF Clay Face Mask

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(1)     4 oz   Clay Face Mask


MASK OFF Clay Face Mask is made with nutrient-rich natural clay, organic flowers, and essential oils to keep your skin clean and clear. It contains a nourishing combination of three types of clay, plants, and honey to clear and shrink pores for a smooth, glowing complexion.

In a small dish or bowl, combine two or threee spoonfulls of MASK OFF Clay Face Mask and a few drops of water. Add water until the mask reaches the consistency of a thick paste. If it becomes runny, add more of the mask powder to correct. Apply liberally to your face, taking care to avoid your eyes and mouth. Leave the mask on until it has dried completely. As it dries, you’ll feel it tighten as the clay pulls toxins from the the skin. Once it dries, rinse your face and gently remove the mask by wiping with a wet washcloth, or remove in the shower. Follow with GLOW UP Facial Oil for best results.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, French Green Clay, Powdered Calendula, Powdered Rosehips, Powdered Hibiscus, Powdered Honey, Turmeric, and essential oils of Tea Tree, Jasmine, and Helichrysum.


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