Palo Santo Ritual Mist
Palo Santo Ritual Mist
[antidote] by amina desselle

Palo Santo Ritual Mist

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2 oz.  Ritual Mist

Palo santo, Spanish for "holy wood," is a tree native to dry tropical forests in South America. The fragrant resin is known to lift and sweeten energy and relieve physical pain. This ritual mist carries the naturally uplifting fragrance and energy of Palo santo into your space.

[antidote] Ritual Mists bring the energetic benefits of plant companions into a space. Use them with intention or in ritual practice to clear and shift energy. Spritz into the air, onto your body, or onto your sheets. For external use only


Ingredients: Sustainably sourced Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) extracted in organic witch hazel extract.

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