RELAX. Organic Herb Blend
antidote by amina desselle

RELAX. Organic Herb Blend

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Love yourself. Break harmful patterns. Release anxiety. Sleep well. Be patient. Protect your peace.

(1)     10 g   Herb Blend


Organic dried herb blend for teas, baths, and smoke.  Kava kava to ease muscle tension and skullcap to relieve anxiety. Lavender for calm. Raspberry leaf to balance mood, and chamomile to soothe your stomach and your nerves. Mullein to clear your lungs for easy breath. Rose petals to promote restful sleep and add an element of sweet optimism.

For tea: Bring water to a boil and remove from heat. Use a tea infuser to steep herb blend in hot water. Remove herbs from water after 5 minutes and enjoy.

For bath soak: Make tea from herb blend (see above instructions). Add tea to bath or foot soak.

For smoke: Place a small amount of herb blend in a pipe or rolling papers. Light and inhale.



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