Ritual Mists (Complete Set)
Ritual Mists (Complete Set)
Ritual Mists (Complete Set)
Ritual Mists (Complete Set)
Ritual Mists (Complete Set)
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Ritual Mists (Complete Set)

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Full set of 4 energetic plant-based Smudge Sprays.

(4)   4 oz.     Ritual Mists

[antidote] RItual Mists bring the energetic benefits of plant companions into a space. They provide a smokeless alternative to blessing a space by burning herbs and flowers. Use them with intention or in ritual practice to clear and shift energy. Spritz into the air, onto your body, or onto your sheets. For external use only.


The Lemongrass, Chrysanthemum, and Chamomile Ritual Mist carries the nurturing energy of three powerful plant ancestors, with the fragrance of lemongrass to lift your mood. Use it to calm and sweeten the energy of a room, or as a personal smudge to soothe your spirit.

Ingredients: Organic Witch Hazel extract infused with organic Lemongrass, Chrysanthemum, and Chamomile, with Lemongrass essential oil.


The Clear Ritual Mist is an infusion of protective and energy clearing herbs. It's perfect for shifting the energy of your home to welcome abundance and set spiritual boundaries. The fragrance of Rosemary heightens awareness and memory. Use it to clear the energy of a room, or as a personal smudge to cleanse yourself energetically.

Ingredients: Organic Witch Hazel extract infused with organic Rosemary, Bay Leaf, Lavender, and Sage, with Rosemary essential oil.


The Cedar and Rose Ritual Mist offers to clear negative energy, to provide mental clarity, and to balance emotions. The scent of roses encourages nurturing, with compassionate boundaries.

Ingredients: Organic Witch Hazel extract infused with organic Cedar and Roses, with Rose essential oil.


The Mugwort and Lavender Ritual Mist brings soothing relaxation, and can heighten our dream space. Together, these plant companions help us to relax, heighten our intuition, and prepare for meaningful dreams we will remember. The fragrance of Lavender helps calm us for rest. 

Ingredients: Organic Witch Hazel extract infused with organic Mugwort and Lavender, with Lavender essential oil.



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