Plant & Crystal Communions

I love to pair plants and crystals that have complementary energy. Through [antidote] Plant & Crystal Communions, I invite you to explore these pairings with me, including how each plant grows, how crystals form, their medicinal and spiritual histories, and the messages they hold for us. 

My work is shaped by Black American spiritual traditions, and this offering centers the lived experiences, histories, and knowledge of Black and Indigenous people. It’s for anyone at any point in their journey with plants, crystals, and self-healing. I’m excited for you to join me in exploring the natural world and our place within it.

Plant & Crystal Meditations are recorded video offerings that include a gently guided meditation, a curated meditative musical selection, and a reflection on the spiritual, emotional, and physical energetics of the pairing. This is an intimate interpretation of the ways in which plants and crystals can guide us in strengthening our connections to the natural world and to each other.

Plant & Crystal Profiles contain information about their medicinal and spiritual histories, the way the plants grow and the crystals form, and a brief summary of their energetics. You'll receive one plant profile and one crystal profile each month, including ideas about how to engage them.

Monthly Mantras are inspired by an energetic pairing of one plant and crystal. These mantras are curated to support self-affirmation and emotional balance. Engage them in meditation and mindfulness, particularly in the presence of the plant and/or crystal.

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For each Plant & Crystal Communion, there is a meditation set available in the online shop. Each set includes an herbal extract (glycerite), an organic loose leaf tea, and a crystal. Meditation sets are intended as a companion to the guided Plant & Crystal Communions. 

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